5” of Listening Pleasure…

    The A’Diva loudspeaker is the result of Anthony Gallo (the pioneer of the round speaker) taking his own groundbreaking design and making it better. At 5”, it’s not our smallest speaker, but it’s easily the best sound/size/price ratio available. And we think you’ll agree - one listen of the deep, full, clear sound, and you’ll see exactly where all of Gallo’s hard work went.

    "The A'Diva’s did an especially admirable job as surround speakers. Their small size and flexible mounting options allow virtually anyone in any room to mount the speakers in the optimal locations for surrounds, and the very reasonable price allows surrounds for even 7.1 systems.
    Chris Groppi – Secrets of Home Theater

    Altavoz Anthony Gallo A'Diva (unidad) Stainless Steel
    415,00 €
    310,00 €
    IVA incluido
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