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    The Micro SE takes the great looks and flexibility of the original Nucleus Micro design, and pairs it with proprietary flat panel driver technology to create what is effectively a 'Super-Micro', perfect for applications where performance really matters.

    The Micro SE utilises a specially developed ultra-wide dispersion flat-diaphragm transducer that covers a frequency range from 100Hz to 22Khz, all powered by a single driver. This technology enables the Micro SE to perform as a true audiophile loudspeaker, without large enclosures or a hefty price tag. And because we use a single driver, the Micro SE has no need for a crossover (which always hurts the sound). Our Optimised Pulse Technology (OPT) and patented S2 damping control pods eliminate all ear-fatiguing colourations, enclosure resonances and distortions.

    Enclosed in our world renowned spherical enclosure, the result is a compact satellite speaker that sounds incredible, with a vivid, crystal-clear 3D sound stage that remains stable regardless of your listening position.

    The Nucleus Micro SE is available in a choice of Matt Black, Snow White or Stainless Steel finishes, and features a new acoustically transparent metal grille.



    By choosing a sphere, the strongest possible shape, we have eliminated internal resonance and external diffraction, the two main causes of loudspeaker distortion. Our patented S2 technology enhances low frequencies that go way beyond conventional satellite speakers.

    By using 3" full-range drivers and eliminating any crossovers, the Nucleus Micro and Micro SE models are endowed with spatial characteristics unsurpassed by any other loudspeaker, regardless of size or price.


    Frequency Response  
      On wall or floor stand: 100Hz to 22Khz
      Isolation ring or table stand: 120Hz to 22Khz
    Sensitivity: 85 dB/w 2.83v (1M)
    Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
    Power Handling:
    (Small Enclosure)
    125 watts
    Height on Stand: 91.5 cm
    Drivers: 3" wide-dispersion flat diaphragm
    Crossover: None
    Dimensions: 4" Sphere
    Weight: 737g
    Cone material: Aluminium Honeycomb Sandwich
    Enclosure Material: Mild Steel/Stainless Steel
    Warranty: 5 years parts and labour



    Altavoz Anthony Gallo Micro SE (unidad)
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