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    Gallo Strada

    Reference Strada 2 – Turned on its side (and sounding great!) 

    The Reference Strada 2, Anthony Gallo Acoustics’ award-winning compact loudspeaker, was too good to not take vertical. In other words, consumer demand insisted that we configure the Strada 2 into side speakers with a bit wider dispersion, which is exactly what we did. Everything critics and customers loved about Reference Strada 2 – the advanced technology, the room-filling sound, the deep tones, the flawless construction – are delivered to you in a beautifully-designed side speaker look, with 180 degrees of sound dispersion. These will look (and sound) great as the main loudspeakers in your 2-channel system, or as part of a larger 5.1 home theater system (or even desktop speakers). Either way, you’ll "hear the sphere” like never before. 

    Note: You get a choice of a Side Wall mount or Side Shelf Stand with your purchase.

    "Consider the Strada if you want a visually compact surround-speaker system that, in every practical way, behaves like a much larger system in terms of producing a big, dynamically expressive, full-bodied sound."
    - Chris Martens, Playback

    Gallo Strada

    Altavoz Anthony Gallo Strada 2 Side (unidad) Stainless Steel & Black
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