"What a discovery!"
    Srajan Ebaen, 6moons

    "The Ampino will transport you to where you can sit back and listen for hours to
    music rather than an audio system."
    Steve Kozle, Stereomojo

    "The Ampino is an extremely solid performer that does punch above its weight.
    With loudspeaker matchmaking done right, it excels with speed and downright ebullience,
    providing a richer, fruitier alternative to the more established players in the budget integrated field."
    John Darko, Digital Audio Review

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    Power (Watt):

    2x25 / 8 Ohm
    2x40 / 4 Ohm



    Frequency response (Hz):

    1Hz - 200kHz

    SNR (dB):


    Dimensions (mm):


    Weight (kg):


    Amplificador Dayens Ampino
    675,00 €
    IVA incluido
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