Grado Trust The Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition!

    Four Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition headphone amplifiers will be the driving force behind Grado headphones being demonstrated at this year's Bristol Hi-Fi Show. See Armour Home Electronics at Bay 2 on the Ground Floor.

    The new Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition hi-fi headphone amplifiergives you the sound you always wanted from a headphone amp! A headphone amplifier truly capable of making good headphones deliver a lifelike, dynamic and breathtaking performance with a real out of head three-dimensional stereo sound stage.

    The latest Diamond Edition of our Solo Ultra Linear headphone amplifier is improved by having a lower noise floor for improved in-ear monitor listening and a new output stage for better performance with difficult and low impedance headphones, yet it has the clout to drive high impedance headphones too.

    The Ultra-Linear voltage amplifier stage gives you the smoothness and warmth of a tube amp, yet with all the precision, fine detail, and punchy sound of the solid state amp it is. Plus, it won't wear out like tubes.

    Make the Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition your reference!


    Amplificador auriculares Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear Diamond Edition
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