Ref.: NCSE MKII

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    Clase A Stereophile

    NCSE Mk2 (New Casework, Special Equipment)

    Although the circuitry is superficially similar to the LE Mk 5.0, the power supply is much more robust and the ability to drive difficult speaker loads is enhanced. The entire unit is much heavier than the LE Mk 5.0 as I’ve paid particular attention to the NCSE casework to help reduce the effects of microphony. The use of superior parts and additional hand-made silver wiring reduces grain and noticeably improves transparency.

    There is no option for an internal phono stage.

    Anniversary Integrated

    This model has now come to the end of its production run because the NCSE Mk2 is almost as good and for far less money.


    Amplificador integrado LFD NCSE MKII
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    4.790,00 €
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