Ref.: B 250XS

    Preamplificador de Referencia B-250XS: ¡pureza absoluta!

    The reference preamplifier from Densen is perhaps the most advanced stereo preamp on the market. It is filled with advanced solutions, which all share one goal: giving you even more musicality.

    The volume is controlled by an extremely precise attenuator made of Vishay metal film resistors, which is switched by relays controlled by the microprocessor. Compared to the normal volume potentiometer used in the majority of preamps, the resistor network has virtually no self-induced noise and an extremely low distortion. This results in an unsurpassed precision and refinement, and the attenuator contains no less than 200 steps! This makes it possible to adjust the volume very precisely (0.5 dB) even when the sound is so low that an ordinary volume control would create an uneven balance between left and right.

    The B-250 contains sockets for the SA surround Board and for DP-03 and DP-06 MM and MC stages. It is also possible to upgrade the B-250 with the DNRG external power supply, further enhancing sound quality and providing truly breathtaking musical experiences.

    The DenLink system implemented in all Densen products allows 2-way communication in multiroom installations. On the B-250, the link system will allow the user to power up a link amplifier in the kitchen, or somewhere else, and then control the main system in the living room, sending the signals to and from the kitchen for playback in another room. It will still be possible to have full display information in another other room. The DenLink / Multiroom system is also ready for a light controller that will be able to dim the lights in the room.

    The amplification stages are all completely new designs, based on advanced class A designs, which have been encapsulated on the motherboard to avoid any kind of interference with the delicate signal. The output stage is a dual mono design with an extraordinarily huge storage capacity (100.000 uF) which would make any other power amplifier envious. This design produces a musicality which is truly outstanding by any standards

    Surround Sound
    The SA boards (Surround Audio Boards) are not a technological breakthrough, but they do contain revolutionary new features. The SA boards are add-on boards for the B-250. The B-250 is initially a dedicated 2 channel product, but by mounting the SA boards you get analog 5.1/ 7.1 line input and 5.1 / 7.1 line preout. This means you can easily connect a surround processor, DVD-player or SACD-player. If you have a system consisting of a preamp and a 2 channel power amp, with the SA boards implemented you can connect a B-340 (4 channel amplifier) and then have 6 channels (5+1) of high grade amplification. This is a very easy and sonically superior way to enter the world of home cinema or Super Audio system.

    The SA boards exist in two versions; The SA-02 board is the competitively priced standard version, allowing for easy Surround. The SA-01 is the reference version, with extremely high quality preamp stages. The SA-01 will give the same sound quality as the B-250 in all channels.

    All 5.1 and/or 7.1 channels can be controlled from the Gizmo system remote, so that you can adjust for perfect levels and balance between the channels from your favorite listening and viewing position.

    With the SA board installed in the B-250 you get unsurpassed musicality for a 7.1 system. We do not hesitate in calling it the first real musical surround system ever.


    Line- & tape inputs: 4 & 2

    Preouts: 4

    Power supply size: 3x20VA

    Storage capacity: 100.000uF

    THD + Noise @ rated output: Less than 0.05%

    Frequency response (+0 -3db): 2-500.000Hz

    Weight/shippingweight: 9/11 Kg

    Product dimensions (WxDxH): 440x310x64mm

    Preamplificador Densen B-250XS
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