Ref.: 9510
    Engineered disc-shaped damping feet suitable for amps and pre-amps
     4 units suitable for 1 amplifier
     Dimension: 40mm x 3.2mm
     Maximum load: 25 kg / 50 lb in total
     Adhesive: Decoration strength

    Feet for Amplifiers and Docking  
     • disc-shaped vibration damping pads designed to be placed under equipments existing feet
     • designed for amps and pre-amps
     • can be used for
    other components that require disc-shaped feet (see weight specifications below)
     • ensure superior component isolation
     • improved sound and video quality compared to standard feet supplied with equipment
     • components and consoles operate quieter
     • improved stationing and stability of equipment
     • prevents damage to surfaces
     • self-adhesive designed to allow repositioning

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    VT Amp Feet - Pies Desacoplo (Pre)Amplificador - Type 25 (4 pcs.)
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