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Altavoces columna Dayens Tizo +

Referencia: Tizo+ floorstander
Marca: Dayens
Altavoces columna Dayens Tizo +
1.250,00 € IVA inc.
1.800,00 €
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1.250,00 €
1.800,00 €


We will start this page with user feedback from France:

"Dear Zoran,

Before I ordered Tizos, I asked you if they provided enough bass and you answered: "Though those two loudspeakers look very small they keep us surprising with defined and controlled bass and "quantity" of bass, and with complete sound image".
After installing the speakers, when I switched Ampino on, with a test cd of Kari Bremnes, the first hour was very pleasant, then Ampino became warm (it's always better after one or two hours) and suddenly, I entered a new dimension.
In fact, they provide enough bass and operate the entire sound spectrum.

After 30 hours of listening, I had two wishes : Congratulating yourself and your father and buying everything that bears the Dayens label.

I have made tests with interconnect cables and speaker cables, the verdict is final: InVivo are excellents. Keep making people happy with such quality products.

So many superlatives for such small speakers, indeed it's surprising. They are amazing on more than one point. My first impressions are very good. The sound is detailed, with amazing clearness. We are approaching the music and we forget the material, as you said you're trying to do.

I tried with the spikes and without the spikes and finally I made four slices of wood that I drilled in the location of pads spikes. Bass are sharp and subtle. Treble and mids are more present, without being aggressive. In this way the speakers explore sound really going anywhere in the spectrum.

Best regards

"In leading lady terms the Tizo+ is a natural beauty. Her makeup artist plies his trade quite invisibly to the untrained eye. The result is very attractive and apparently sans touch-ups. In short with the Tizo+ Dejan Dobrin proved that the Ampino was no one-time fluke. Since amps to speakers rarely translates from the same designer, that's one lovely surprise." Srajan Ebaen, 6moons

"The Dayens Tizo Plus floor standers are aristocratic, detailed, and distinguished speakers that produce a sound that opens a window into each recording played back through them. They are startlingly resolving, with pinpoint imaging that allows the listener to hear nuances in songs that were most likely never heard before, and they don't take up much room at all. The Tizo Plus loudspeakers are as decor friendly as most lifestyle (shudder) speakers of today, but provide much higher sound quality." Steve Kozle, Positive Feedback

Tipo: 2 vías columna
Recinto: Bass Reflex trasero
Eficiencia: 87,0 dB
Impedancia: 4 Ohm
Respuesta en frecuencia: 50 Hz – 40 kHz
Amplificador Recomendado: 25-100 Watt
Dimensiones(HxWxD): 1000x145x210
Peso: 28 Kg. par
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