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Altavoz Anthony Gallo Micro (unidad) Acabado especial

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Altavoz monitor/satélite Anthony Gallo modelo Micro
195,00 € IVA inc.
260,00 €
No en stock, Encargo Especial
195,00 €
260,00 €


The Size of an Orange… the Sound of an Entire Grove!

Your eyes will not believe the size, and your ears will not believe the sound. But believe it you will, because it’s true. The Nucleus Micro is our best-selling speaker for a reason - these 4” all-metal spheres deliver superlative sound, at an attractive price. The build and technology encompasses years of Gallo know-how, and the results will be music to your ears. 

"These speakers are the best I have heard in the Micro class. If a small, affordable, low visibility speaker is your desire, this high resolution gem is a perfect choice." Tim Hart, AudioVideo Revolution


There are numerous loudspeakers capable of producing fine sound, unfortunately most are too large, unattractive or power hungry to operate in many modern living spaces. That's what makes the Nucleus Micro different: a 4" diameter, all-metal sphere, available in a choice of eight finishes. The Nucleus Micro produces a vast soundstage and pinpoint imaging, in a beautifully small, visually attractive package. Hi-Fi, Home Cinema or Multi-Room; with Nucleus Micro the choice is yours. With a range of matching subwoofers available and an array of mounting options, it's easy to configure a Nucleus Micro system to fit your home and aspirations.

Imagine a truly high-end loudspeaker that fits in the palm of your hand. A speaker that comes in a palette of colours to complement any room – from simple matt black to striking polished stainless steel (and six other colours and finishes in between).

Nucleus Micro is flexible too. With a choice of four mounting options available, a Micro can be positioned just about anywhere. On a wall using the Micro Wall Bracket (in black or white), on any flat surface with the Micro Table Mount (in black or white) or simple'Isolation Ring' supplied, or what about the ultimate Micro mount – the elegant Wallflower stand (available in black, white or stainless steel).

By choosing a sphere, the strongest possible shape, we have eliminated internal resonance and external diffraction, the two main causes of loudspeaker distortion. Our patented S2 technology, enhances low frequencies that go way beyond conventional satellite speakers. By using our 3" full-range driver and by eliminating the crossover, the Nucleus Micro is endowed with spatial characteristics unsurpassed by any other loudspeaker, regardless of size or price.


Frequency Response 80Hz to 18Khz
Sensitivity 89 dB/w
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Power Handling 100 Watts
Height on WallflowerT Stand 36"
Driver 3" full range
Crossover None
Dimensions 4" Sphere
Weight 795g
Cone Material Mical Polypropylene Compound
Enclosure Material Mild Steel
Warranty 5 Years Parts and Labour


These funky speakers may look cute and unassuming, but they'll ping effects around the room so fast and hard they'll make your head spin. The 150W subwoofer meanwhile, will have you literally shaking in your boots.
T3 Magazine

Style gurus in search of HiFi and home cinema solutions can stop here

Their clarity is also a joy to listen to, even when pushed to high volume.
Essential Home Cinema

What is amazing is that these gorgeously slimline creatures are capable of producing the most amazing sound.
Business AM

The Nucleus Micros system from Anthony Gallo Acoustics combines super-realistic audio, great looks and a prudent price.
Arena Magazine

If you have need of a system that is at once discrete and musically engaging, majoring on communication, clarity and transparency, then look no further. Indeed, if it's the latter qualities that you prize then the Gallo Micros could easily be your speaker of choice, regardless of type. Don't confuse these with the six in a box toys that everybody and their wife seems to be offering these days. This is a genuine hi-fi speaker.
Hi-Fi +

That's what I really like about this system: its ability to present a coherent stereo picture without filling the room with huge speakers is deeply impressive, and should win this system very many followers. Yes I freely admit I came to reviewing these speakers with some prejudice: that the Gallo Nucleus Micro and MPS-150 won me over is a tribute to its achievement.

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