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Altavoz Anthony Gallo Strada 2 Center (unidad) Stainless Steel & Black

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Altavoz monitor Anthony Gallo modelo "Strada 2" Central, Acabado Acero y Negro (Stainless Steel & Black). Audiophile Audiovisual.
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895,00 €
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Reference Strada 2 – Turned on its side (and sounding great!) 

The Reference Strada 2, Anthony Gallo Acoustics’ award-winning compact loudspeaker, was too good to not take vertical. In other words, consumer demand insisted that we configure the Strada 2 into side speakers with a bit wider dispersion, which is exactly what we did. Everything critics and customers loved about Reference Strada 2 – the advanced technology, the room-filling sound, the deep tones, the flawless construction – are delivered to you in a beautifully-designed side speaker look, with 180 degrees of sound dispersion. These will look (and sound) great as the main loudspeakers in your 2-channel system, or as part of a larger 5.1 home theater system (or even desktop speakers). Either way, you’ll "hear the sphere” like never before. 

Note: You get a choice of a Side Wall mount or Side Shelf Stand with your purchase.

"Consider the Strada if you want a visually compact surround-speaker system that, in every practical way, behaves like a much larger system in terms of producing a big, dynamically expressive, full-bodied sound."

Chris Martens, Playback


Strada 2 is the latest incarnation of our acclaimed Strada loudspeaker. Impressive power handling, 90dB sensitivity, 68Hz-20Khz frequency response and textbook perfect dispersion enable this magnetically shielded speaker to shine in any room, and with any system.

Our most ambitious project to date, Strada redefined the term "price to performance ratio", and performed at a level which, for their size category, was simply unheard of. Strada 2 raises the bar yet again.

After reviewing the latest data on psychoacoustics, we developed our Optimised Pulse Technology (OPT) System, which transcends the current boundaries of loudspeaker performance and invokes the same visceral impact we experience at live sound venues. The implementation of the OPT System also required us to re-engineer our critically acclaimed Cylindrical Diaphragm Transducer (CDTTM) and hence the CDT 3 tweeter was born.

Enhanced with the OPT System, Strada 2 blurs the line between recorded sound and live performance, whether resting on a shelf or fixed directly to a wall, they produce the most expansive and full bodied soundstage imaginable, without the necessity for a subwoofer.

Strada 2 is available in a second model variant known as the Strada 2 Centre. This version utilises an alternative horizontal tweeter arrangement, allowing use as a centre channel speaker in a surround sound setup.

Strada 2 and Strada 2 Centre loudspeakers are supplied with your choice of either table stands or wall mounting brackets. Floor stands are available as an option.


Frequency Response 68Hz to 20hz +/- 3db (in room with boundary reinforcement, speakers within 1 foot of wall)
Sensitivity 90 dB/1 Watt/1 meter
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Power Handling 150 Watts RMS unclipped music power. Minimum suggested power 10 Watts RMS.
Finishes Brushed stainless steel spheres with a black frame.
Tweeter Patented CDT3 (Cylindrical Diaphragm Transducer) sporting 180° horizontal dispersion from 6kHz to above 20kHz.
Woofers Two 4" dynamic hyperbolic carbon fibre drivers optimised to integrate seamlessly with the CDT3 tweeter without the need for a crossover.
Crossovers None
Enclosure Type Sealed with Auxiliary Bass Cavity Supplementation and Patented S2 loading.
Dimensions 127mm (W) x 343mm (H) x 191mm (D)
Weight 5.2kg
Connections 5 way gold plated binding posts.
Enclosure Material Powder coated cast aluminium chassis with brushed stainless steel spheres and powder coated stainless steel grilles.
Warranty 5 Years Parts and Labour


"Oh, and the things they do well — speed, soundstaging, imaging, and resolution to name a few — they do extremely well. Anthony Gallo and his team deserve kudos for going out on a limb and thinking outside of the literal and proverbial box."
--John Richardson – December 2013

"Does super tall soundstage float your boat? If so, the soundstage of the Strada 2 is about as tall as you'll find anywhere in any speaker. Want speakers that are less visually imposing? Again, the Strada 2 system would be the winner."
--Chris Groppi, Home Theater, September 2013

  "At a price nearing $7000 the Reference Strada system is certainly not cheap, but it is worth every red cent of its asking price as it can, quite seriously, stand tall in comparison to systems twice its price. Very enthusiastically recommended." Editor Choice -

"The perhaps ultimate on-wall and desk-top speaker. Think of it as a low-efficiency single-driver widebander without shoutiness and higher resolution but equivalent coherence and speed." 6Moons

"...when I came across Gallo's newest speaker, the Reference Strada, I was getting psyched just thinking about its potential in a professional environment. No, these weren't intended for a studio, but neither were the A'Diva Ti's and they work brilliantly for me."
--Neal H. Pogue, Grammy award-winning engineer (Outkast's "Hey Ya!")

  "I've compared them to the two most highly regarded and expensive monitor speakers in high-end audio, respectively $15,000 and $30,000 a pair. The Stradas, floor-mounted on our custom ultra-rigid stands, simply outperformed both of them in every respect that matters, whether for music or soundtracks."
--Pierre Sprey, Residential Systems
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