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Jackie McLean - Destination Out

Referencia: MMBST-84165
2 LP 45 rpm, remastered Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray
60,00 € IVA inc. Stock bajo


Hear what Michael Fremer, Wayne Garcia and others are saying about the Blue Note Definitive 45rpm Reissue Series from Music Matters, Ltd:
"They’re BIG and open and definitely work in stereo because they’re not hard left/right stereo. The cymbals are so "chimey" and the skins so open! Even Rudy's typical boxy piano isn't too bad. These are going to be really good....!!!! (Real time reaction after hearing his first test pressing of Horace Parlan’s Speakin’ My Piece LP.)" - Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine

"I’ve heard a lot of Blue Note originals and myriad reissues over the years, but based on the sample test pressings heard so far, none—and I mean none—convey the intensity of living, breathing music-making the way the Music Matter’s Blue Note series does. The sense of air, texture, and dynamic pop in these grooves is astonishing." - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound

"Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers "The Big Beat” and Horace Parlan, "Speakin’ My Piece.” And if this is any indication of what’s to come, I advise you to get on the list now, before this collection is sold out." - Albert Porter,

"The Music Matters 45s have all immediacy and add a free-flowing naturalness that is surprising at first but very easy to get used to." - Marc Mickelson,

"Destination...Out!, one of ten Blue Note releases from saxophonist Jackie McLean in the early 1960s and arguably the most distinctive. Its title reveals its aims: reaching new places beyond the confines of the hard bop that dominated Blue Note's output during the previous half-decade... The Music Matters sound has come to define Blue Note recordings in the new millennium. It's more contemporary, more high-res, than that of original LPs and especially the RVG-series CDs. Dynamics are freewheeling, and the bottom end is extended and enhanced. The stereo soundstage unfolds with great lateral spread, and everything pops out of the noise floor due to the very quiet pressings. The gatefold sleeves continue to set the standard for heft and pizzazz... Joe Harley and Ron Rambach of Music Matters once again demonstrate impeccable taste and informed guidance regarding the titles they choose to reissue... The music is vital and the presentation definitive." - John Crossett,

The time was right. It was 1963 and 31-year old altoist Jackie McLean was recording an album for the ages. McLean had been a major player for a dozen years by then and was a hard bop master but he wanted more in his music. One of the very few musicians of his generation to embrace free jazz, McLean was impressed by Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane but his goal was to create his own brand of free form music, one filled with soul and grooves yet exploring sounds never heard before. In trombonist Grachan Moncur III, he had found a musical soul mate, one whose adventurous solos matched McLean's own and who was also a superior composer. With Bobby Hutcherson, bassist Larry Ridley and Roy Haynes, McLean and Moncur romp through four of their originals, swinging hard but engaging in new ideas and ferocious emotions, connected to the past but looking towards a wild future. Nothing was held back and the performances on Destination Out still sound futuristic, innovative and thrilling.

Harley and Ron Rambach of Music Matters once again demonstrate impeccable taste and informed guidance regarding the titles they choose to reissue. The Blue Note catalog has a number of musical experiments that don't completely pan out, but these two albums [BNLP4184-45 Sam Rivers Fuchsia Swing Song & BNLP4165-45 Jackie McLean Destination... Out!] are not among them. The music is vital and the presentation definitive.” – Marc Mickelson,, 4.5/5 Music, 4/5 Sound!

• Numbered, Limited Edition
• Remastered from the Original Rudy Van Gelder Blue Note Master Tapes!
• Remastered by Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman at Acoustech
• Cut at 45rpm for Better Sound!
• Pressed on two 180 gram Virgin Vinyl LPs by RTI
• Ultra-Durable, Extra Thick Album Jackets
• Gatefold Album with Session Photos in stunning High Resolution

Grachan Moncur III, trombone
Jackie McLean, alto sax
Bobby Hutcherson, vibes
Larry Ridley, bass
Roy Haynes, drums

1. Love And Hate
2. Esoteric
3. Kahill The Prophet
4. Riff Raff

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