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Cliff Jordan - Cliff Craft

Referencia: MMBST-1582
2 LP 45 rpm, remastered Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray
60,00 € IVA inc. Stock bajo


In 1964, tenor-saxophonist Clifford Jordan did the impossible, holding his own next to the remarkable Eric Dolphy on a European tour with Charles Mingus. Jordan's distinctive tone and ability to play both inside and outside made him an underrated giant. Cliff Craft, his great Blue Note album from 1959, shows that he was already a major stylist five years earlier. Teamed with Art Farmer and Sonny Clark in a quintet, Jordan's every note is full of soul, swing and subtle surprises. He never played the expected and, inspired by his sidemen, Jordan comes up with one fresh idea after another. Not content to merely follow Sonny Rollins or John Coltrane, Clifford Jordan blazed his own original musical path, making Cliff Craft into one of the most memorable recordings of his career.

• Remastered from the Original Rudy Van Gelder Blue Note Master Tapes!
• Remastered by Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman at Acoustech
• Cut at 45rpm for Better Sound!
• Pressed on two 180 gram Virgin Vinyl LPs by RTI
• Limited Edition
• Ultra-Durable, Extra Thick Album Jackets
• Gatefold Album with Session Photos in stunning High Resolution

Art Farmer, trumpet
Cliff Jordan, tenor sax
Sonny Clark, piano
George Tucker, bass
Louis Hayes, drums

1. Laconia
2. Soul-Lo Blues
3. Cliff Craft
4. Confirmation
5. Sophisticated Lady
6. Anthropology

"The albums are being cut at 45 RPM for maximum quality by Kevin Gray and me using our full ANALOG disk cutting system; most studios cannot even cut vinyl in 100% true analog anymore (they convert to digital first) but we can. The original Rudy Van Gelder engineered stereophonic session tapes are used when we master these gems. The sound quality is amazing on our test cuts. Like from heaven. First totally uncompressed versions of these jazz classics that I’ve ever heard and trust me, you will be impressed; they sound like no other releases of this music."

"The sound is lifelike, the horns are in the room with you. Our non-invasive mastering insures the true breath of life on these original Van Gelder session tapes is transferred to the virgin vinyl with absolute authenticity. It is like hearing these BLUE NOTE masterpieces for the first time and that is NO exaggeration. When we heard the first lacquer acetate playback from our first mastering session I thought Joe Harley was going to pee in his pants he was so excited. Actually we all were; after 50 years of many lackluster and some downright bad sounding versions of these albums, hearing the real deal is a humbling experience, even for us hardened music veterans. You will be able to listen to the music exactly like we did..."
- Steve Hoffman

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