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Preamplificador línea balanceado ATC modelo SCA2

Marca: ATC
Preamplificador ATC modeloSCA2 balanceado
4.750,00 € IVA inc.


Preamplificador estéreo ATC SCA2 Preamp  

PRODUCTO DE OCASION, embalaje disponible, en perfecto estado de conservación, por favor consultar disponibilidad.

The ATC SCA2 preamplifier was initially conceived to fulfil a specific need - to create a no-compromise amplifier to partner the range of ATC active loudspeaker systems. However, as development progressed it became abundantly clear that the ATC SCA2 preamplifier was capable of enhancing the performance of any audiophile separates system. In fact, the outstanding ability of the ATC SCA2 preamplifier left many who auditioned the final pre-production prototype in no doubt that they were listening to possibly the finest example of preamplifier design - ever.

A key feature of the ATC SCA2 preamplifier is the total elimination of audio integrated circuits in the main signal path which is made possible through the introduction of no fewer than ten high performance discrete circuitry gain blocks. Furthermore, all amplifiers in the monitor chain are of similar type and built from discrete bipolar transistors and FETs. The input stage is a fully complimentary dual long tail pair arrangement which uses low-noise bipolar transistors with constant collector voltages provided by cascoded junction FETs. Output of the current mirrors is buffered by a pair of complimentary Sziklai Darlington transistors. To further minimize signal degradation, input circuitry including all sockets, selection relays and tape buffer is mounted directly onto a single PCB.

In essence, the gain block within the ATC SCA2 preamplifier is a high output, low distortion amplifier with a very wide bandwidth which is easy to use in conventional feedback configuration because it has only one stage of gain (in other words, there is only one possible source of roll-off and phase shift at high frequency.) The result is remarkable audiophile product which, in both laboratory and subjective listening tests, clearly redefines the state of the art.

Auditioning reveals an open, neutral, transparency the amplifier creating a solid soundstage which is both wide and deep. Voices are reproduced with uncanny realism being portrayed with natural warmth and articulation. Bass takes on a rich, superbly controlled solidity. Strings are reproduced with a fine degree of detail and texture, while brass is conveyed with attack and clarity. Percussion is handled with great speed and definition. As you'd expect from a design as highly specified as the ATC SCA2 preamplifier, dynamic range is outstanding.

  • The SCA2 offers eight audio inputs - all of which are electronically buffered and selected by precision gas-filled gold-plated relays
  • Clean stable power supplies result from local active decoupling of supply rails adjacent to each gain stage
  • The distinctive case of the SCA2 is constructed from aerospace grade peened stainless steel.
  • The 440mm (17%) wide front panel is edged with bead-blasted machined aluminium the fascia being finished in polished acrylic


    • Crosstalk
    >100dB @ 1 kHz
    • Total harmonic distortion
    >114dB - 0.0002%
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Output impedance
    10 Ohms
    • Frequency Response 1
    DC - 500 kHz
    • Output level
    15V into 600 ohms
    • Weight

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